Overview to NEBU®Protect

NEBU®Protect is a substance protection system for materials based on two components. These components can be used independently.

1. NEBU®Fill

"Fill" is a substance which is able to penetrate deeply into the pore lattice of the material to be protected. As a result of this, the pores are filled and sealed from the inside to the outside.

2. NEBU®Finish

"Finish" is a water-based impregnation with waterproofing characteristics - the final step to optimal substance protection through water rejection.

Characteristics and advantages at a glance 

  • Non-toxic and ecologically friendly
  • Reduces the penetration of water and pollutants which are dissolved in water
  • Regulates the moisture balance
  • Increases the electrical resistance
  • Penetrating power up to 200 mm in calcareous sandstone
  • Excellent bonding with the substrate
  • Good carbon dioxide permeability (sd > 50 m)
  • Good water-vapor diffusion capability (sd < 1.4m)
  • Water-based and water-dilutable
  • Non-combustible

Structure and function

NEBU®Protect makes the difference

When the surface and the structure of a damaged material are analysed with precision, the inner material structure is discovered. This material structure is interspersed with pores.

Traditional coatings seal the surface only. Impregnation is present on the surface comparable to trees in the forest. While they certainly repel water (hydrophobic), other substances can migrate between the particles on the surface and from there into the component part.

NEBU®Fill penetrates the material right from the beginning and settles securely in the pores. In the course of a few days, a gel is formed which is converted into a hard plug after some time. Thus a monolithic construction material is again formed from the damaged material - mostly with all the characteristics which it already had when new.

In the material structure, all pores are occupied and plugged, and the penetration of water and/or pollutants dissolved in water is prevented. This effect is even maximized by the application of the impregnation NEBU®Finish.

Areas of application

Generally, the employment of NEBU®Protect can be differentiated into two groups:

1. Improvement in fresh materials

NEBU®Protect can be added as a (partial) replacement to the mixing water and thus improves the product properties from the inside out. Alternatively, the new component parts can be immediately "impregnated" with NEBU®Protect system and sealed. Early-stage strength levels are improved, stress cracks minimized and the stability with respect to chemicals increases considerably (e. g. green concrete, floor screed and plaster).

2. Upgrading and renewal of old constructions

NEBU®Fill penetrates deeply into the pores of the damaged substrate and consolidates this from the inside. The "sanding effect" is suppressed. Furthermore, the surface is sealed and protected against penetrating pollutants. The optics of the component part are maintained completely in this case, so that the old construction again appears as new.

Significant advantages

High penetrating power, in-depth sealing and restoration of "old" characteristics are only the basic attributes of the product line NEBU®Protect. In addition, the material brings a whole spectrum of efficiency effects. In a video on our home page, we demonstrate this property profile in a simple application test


The core properties of NEBU®Protect are created by the NEBU®Fill component. The component NEBU®Finish is the top coat that maximize the protective effects. Therefore the basic characteristics of NEBU®Fill are represented in the following table, which are to be transferred 1:1 to the overall system.


DensityEN ISO 28111,06 g/cm³/
Diffusion-equivalent air-layer thicknessEN ISO 7783-2sd < 1,4 mV2 - medium
Water permeability rateEN 1062-2W < 0,1 [kg/m²*h0,5]V3 - low
with complete filling of the pores
GlossEN 1062-1brightwith 3 - 4x application
Carbon dioxide permeabilityEN 1504 - 2004sd > 50 mwith complete filling of the pores
Combustion characteristicsEN 1504 - 2004not burning/


This property profile was developed according to the usual standards. The application quantity actually necessary is always to be determined in the trial application. Generally, the floor area consumption is between 300 ml and 1.2 l NEBU®Fill per sqm - always dependent on the absorption capacity of the substrate.


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